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I’m interested in your services, what should I do?
  1. write us an e-mail, give us a call or just fill in the contact or order form. We will look at your request and prepare a quote.
  2. if you haven’t done so yet, send us your documents in electronic form or hand them over in person.
  3. we will contact you as soon as your certified translation is ready to agree on a time and place for handover and payment.

How do I pay for certified translations?

Advance payment is not required. The exceptions to this rule are larger orders (mostly corporate clients) where a job order must be signed and an advance payment made. In most other cases, payment can be made in cash when receiving the certified translation or via the Slovak Post Office as cash on delivery or bank transfer.

What is required for certified translations?
The certified translator will require the source document to be translated and then bound with the certified translation. Usually the original or a certified copy of the original is required. E.g. police records are always original due to their limited validity.

How do I deliver the documents to be translated?
You can bring them personally, send them by mail or fill in the order form and attach them electronically. If you did send them electronically, please bring the original or certified copy with you, to be bound with the certified translation.

How do I pick up my certified translation?
You can either do so in person, we can send it by mail (postage will be added to the price of the certified translation) or COD.

I need a notarized copy, but I don’t have time to attend to it myself.

Just bring the original and we will do the rest. Notary service fees will be added to the price for certified translation.

What constitutes a certified translation?
The pages of the certified translation are bound by a tricolored string, the loose ends covered with a sticker stamped with the certified translator’s official seal. The certified translation itself consists of cover page, source document, translated document and translator’s clause stamped and signed by the certified translator.
How much will another copy of the same certified translation cost me?
The flat charge for each additional copy is 2.66 Euro plus 0.10 Euro for each page of the certified translation.

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