Certified translation

Certified translations for individuals are most frequently prepared when traveling abroad to study or work, when preparing documents necessary for concluding marriage in a foreign country, in legal disputes with foreign entities or when moving abroad or returning home. Most often these include school report cards, diplomas, birth certificates and marriage certificates, court orders, declarations on oath, employment contracts, police records.

Corporate clients require mostly certified translations of business documents such as purchase agreements, license agreements, mandatory contracts, procurement contracts, sales representative agreements, letters of credit, current account agreements and many more. Certified translations of apostilles and notary acknowledgements or certificates of incorporation are also frequently prepared.

Certified translator

Certified translators and their end-products, certified translations themselves, are governed by Act No. 382/2004 Z.z. (Coll.) on experts, interpreters, and translators. This act places high demands on certified translators – a person may become a certified translator only when all the requirements stipulated therein are fulfilled and their name is listed in the Register of experts, interpretors, and translators maintained by the Slovak Ministry of Justice. These conditions include a certificate of good conduct, the required work experience, specialized education and a successfully passed official examination.

Each certified translator listed in the official Register of experts, interpreters, and translators may conduct business under the condition of having insurance against liability, which may occur as a result of certified translation services.

A certified translator’s identification includes official blue seal with the state coat of arms and I.D. card to be shown upon the request of an entitled person, i.e. the client.

Certified translator must maintain all the information they learn when providing certified translation services strictly confidential and secret.


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